Engagement with clients and prospects

Engaging with prospects is the best way to get a conversion to a sale. The best way to get engagement is by building a highly personalized for the prospect. Even after acquiring a client, we know that we need to continue a personalized approach to customer relationship.

There are software solutions that will give many benefits of personalization. There are many such solutions but finding one that meets 100% of your needs may lead to frustrations. Always accept that finding the “Tree of Enchantment” may take you a lifetime and cost you a fortune.

Choosing that all-in-one platform will be hard because there are many options and packages available. Everybody is selling so there is misinformation following pushy sales reps. Understand your needs, the time you have, and the money investment you want to make.

Even if you are a techie, find a trusted, independent expert who knows you and your business define your specs, and then start your shortlisting.

You may have to resign yourself to a mix of point solutions for specific pieces of the puzzle before you decide on your perfect automated solution. Then be patient because implementing automated solutions takes time contrary to the “plug and play” messages that you will be hearing.

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