Do You Still Need a Business Cards?

There was a time in the not too distant past when business cards were “proof” that you were in business AND you were an important person.  By checking your stocks of unused cards, you will start to think that there is no need to have more printed. Right?

Look at the third-party cards collected from networking events? How many do you remember or even when you collected them?

So from these, do you agree that business cards are no longer needed. Well in fact business cards exchange is still part of the rituals at business and events meetings.

So how can you make them useful?

As soon as you collect one, write the date and the occasion.

Though no longer a measure of success at events, it can be a good reminder to thank a participant or just a follow-up. Immediately you collect a business card, add it to your contacts list for Email marketing and you can safely use it as authority to contact a person. This way you are covered by Data protection and anti-spam regulations.

Though less important than before, business cards are still required in Wealth Services. You may not be given one by the prospects, though they will ask for yours. Like any investment, you make why do you want to make it.

Spend time to create your overall image for networking and building new contacts. Your business card and your linked-in and other social media profiles must be a whole.

Prepared properly it will certainly create value for you.

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