Create your future.

We grew up in a world where everything was decided for us:
   find a job,
   show up, keep your head down, do the job given
   listen and obey the boss
   stick it out
   save for a pension and
that was that!
The system is driven by capitalist profit maximising investors using low-wage earners, high value producers. (Seth Godin)
It worked, taking millions out of poverty, created a middle class and made the investors billionaires.
Most humans prefer to be told what to do rather than think, so they accepted to comply.
That approach destroyed any creativity or ambition we may have had. No need to aim for financial independence as the boss and/or the state will take care of us.
That whole concept whereby factories “real” and “service” were clear path to a decent life is no longer true. These great jobs no longer exist.
From workers to consumers.
Outsourcing, automation, all sort of productivity improving robots and algorithm have put an end to high-stability, assured jobs that most, especially the unions still expect.
For centuries the system promoted status-quo for workers.
Now the new “industrialists” use technology to control and dictate to all and continue enslaving as many to its agenda which is now as “consumers”.
Fight free!
The capitalist system we live in works at macro-economic level. It is unlikely to change as other systems just do not work.
We can dream about a world where everybody gets a decent occupation, live happily and can retire comfortably.
Instead of dreaming, let us act: unshackle our imagination by expanding our ambitions, not enforcing what we have learned.
Learn the new basics and ride the wave of the future.
Humans have the ingenuity to create new opportunities starting with a blank piece of paper or within borders.
Technologies have now given knowledge and authority to millions of previously silent and powerless individuals. These changes mean that many old titles and jobs have no reason to exist while new functions are being created daily.
These creative destructions are happening everywhere – manufacturing, health, banks, governments, NGOs and obviously corporations.
So what does all this mean for job-seekers in this uncertain economy?
What about creating your own job?
Whether it's work you do for a company or work you do on your own, re-inventing yourself on a regular basis is going to become more and more important. This is what Angela Maiers who discusses Jobs of the Future, writes. She suggests three strategies for creating new jobs:
1.   Retrofitting--Adding new skills to an existing job.
2.   Blending--Combining skills from different jobs or industries to create new specialties.
3.   Problem-solving--Identifying key problems and then inventing jobs that will solve them.
Those willing to think and apply a combination of skills and talents to address specific problems will create new occupations!
I look forward to your comments.

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