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We all grew up in a world where there was one sure way to the top. Get a good education that leads to a job. By working hard you could reach the top and maybe even become the boss.

For the past 50 or more years that has been the model – climb the career ladder and fly to the top. Promotions were possible if one was willing to be patient.

Now to reach the top, one has to aim for excellence because now a career is full of change and challenge. Nobody knows what the future will be. With the rate of technological upheaval happening, the future of works will continue to evolve and accordingly career skills must be adapted.

So what are these skills? Helen Tupper ,Co-founder & CEO, Amazing If | Author of The Squiggly Career |suggests these 5 skills as being fundamental for everyone to learn to succeed in the modern economy:

1. Values – the things that motivate and drive you. When people understand their values, they understand what they find fulfilling and can make better decisions about their development

2. Strengths – the things you want to be known for. When people know, show and grow their strengths they are more engaged in the work they do and they increase their impact.

3. Confidence – the belief you have in your work and your worth. The more people build their self-belief the braver the conversations they have about their career, the more open they are to learn and the better equipped they are to design their own development.

4. Network – the community you create around your career. When people build a network based on the principle of people helping people, it transforms the quality of their relationships and what they can give and gain from them.

5. Possibilities – the different directions you can develop in. When people are proactively curious about their career, they unlock more opportunities and increase their career resilience.

Whether you are setting up a business or careering, spend time to perfect these skills and improve your chances of success.
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