Careering in Wealth Services

Wealth Services Industry is huge and keeps growing. So the opportunities are there If you are looking for a lucrative career with growth potential. First, you need to find what will fit your skillset and goals.

Before I share with you the career choices you will have if you get the initial training right. I recommend you go back to basics  and get to know yourself:
Keep digging and you will discover yourself. It may sound strange. "Of course I know myself!" The reality is that you have been modeled by the system. Discover your true self.

Why am I telling you this concerning what career choices are opened to you?
Well until you know yourself until you know what your passion is, what you will be tempted to do is what you have brainwashed over the years to do. It is to perpetuate a system that is not working for many.

That passion must be the reason to take a job on or start a practice. What is the point of it all if not for happiness? Not money or any gains but to love whatever it is you do or will end up doing for a living. Having said that the Wealth Sector can be extremely satisfying if you like helping people.

The nest step is to consider what you are good at to decide whether you will go for a front, middle, or back-office job. I started in the back office and ended up becoming the CFO of a Private Bank and then founding a family office. It was the track record that made me succeed.
Further to embarking on the conventional pathway of working in the wealth management arm of a private bank, there are other career paths. An individual who has the right formation might choose one of the following career paths:
·     Financial Planners and Advisors
·     Investment Consultants and Advisors
·     Retirement Specialists
·     Family-Office Professionals
·     Tax and Estate Planning
·     Trustees
·     Management Companies

Wishing you a successful career.

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