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What is your core strength: front, middle, or back office?
By concentrating on that core strength, you are now able to outsource everything else that will distract you from what you are good at.

These 5 Successful Companies Were Built Using Outsourced Developers: Slack, WhatsApp, Google, Alibaba, GitHub.

So why do so many still hesitate to consider outsourcing? The concern arises about intellectual capital, losing control, hassle about explaining the process. The tasks to pass on seem complicated. But if you intend succeeding and growing post-pandemic, start getting used to using business support services or outsourcing because it could mean success or failure for you and your business.

Take time to understand the benefits of outsourcing. Read about it and speak to your trusted network who have done it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it accelerates my start-up period,
  • What will be the cost compared to do it myself,
  • How much time will it release for me to concentrate on other value creation part of my activity,
  • Does it bring skillsets to my organisation that I do not have,
  • Can I get good references from parties I can trust?

I think if the listed companies above built their business around outsourcing, then we can safely assume that they did their homework and the results speak for their choice.

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