Are you an artist?

Factories have been the back bone of economies for at least 2 centuries, organised as assembly lines. They created prosperity for many.
Those who work in factories perform honest work for a pay check. Nothing wrong with that.
But this is now post industrial; manufacturing represents less than 10% of workforce in the West.

Instead of assembling some parts, obedient workers collect forms, push the forms, make and take calls, pass pencils, process applications or type on a keyboard. Nothing wrong if that is what you want to do!

Even these jobs are scarce now.
Further there can only be a handful that can join the C-Suite, so many who want to progress will remain frustrated,

Unless we change our mind-set to think and work differently.

To reach the top, one should aim for excellence to the point where your work is viewed as art, and you are seen as the artist behind the masterpiece. 

Who is an artist in the service industry?

An artist is brave, has insight, creativity, & boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist can be a software developer, a customer service rep, well, it can be anyone. Art is anything that is creative, passionate and personal.

By working to make numbers talk, business models come alive, understanding customers by listening to them. It is to do with intent and how that intent is communicated. Whether it is capital raising, negotiating a purchase, calming a leaving customer into staying, describing a process or designing a product. Bring art in it. Keep improving, never stop.

IPhone was designed by an artist as the Mona Lisa was painted by an artist (well a genius artist!) 

It is not mass selling, it is one to one. That human connection to convince somebody to listen an appreciate your art. 

Why not you?

To produce a masterpiece become an artist and use what gifts you have.
What are these gifts? You have to search in yourself - who are you, what are you good at, what do you like to do, what do you want to leave as a legacy.
If you do not get it first, keep digging within yourself & ask your closest allies.
Do not stop as the prize is your success!
So what if it takes long to reach that destination. The prize is worth it!
But by continuing to aim for excellence you will certainly increase your chances of success!
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