An entrepreneur can stay as an employee! Really!

"Entrepreneur" is from the French word to "entreprendre" which means "to undertake," with "entre" coming from the Latin word meaning "between," and "prendre" meaning "to take." ....

Entrepreneur also sounds close to a Sanskrit word anthaprerna which means self-motivation.

The main characteristic of a businessman is to be entrepreneurial but, unlike a businessman, an entrepreneur is not primarily attracted by profit maximization, but more by the sustainability of his activity.

Yes if you are an entrepreneur and can deliver to customers then even if you are an employee you will become a key member of your team and grow in the position.
An entrepreneur's satisfaction comes from providing something of worth to others.
Because in the end what matters is making sufficient money to live on, to save for your pension, having a meaningful daily life activity by making something or serving someone.

The goal is the same whether you are an employee or an employer. Being an "intrapreneur" will make your occupation more satisfying.


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