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AFOA presenting “Private Wealth & Family Office” training!

Like most merchant towns, banking activities in Hong Kong date back many centuries. A range of skills and competencies have over time been built to confirm Hong Kong as a financial hub.


Thanks to a partnership with the Private Wealth & Family Office - Swiss Certified (PWFO) association, the CCIG is offering to its Members a training programme allowing them to acquire the basics to providing Private Wealth & Family Office (PWFO) Services.


The programme covers a wide range of topics through the perspective of a PWFO practitioner and aims to provide a clear study for all those interested in the subject of private wealth services to individuals and families.


The course has been developed by a Swiss-based specialist who has practiced as a "Family Office" for more than twenty-five years with clients such as private bank families, HNWI, and families as well as with entrepreneurs.


The programme uses a Project-Based approach within an e-learning platform. The course is designed around 70 to 75 hours of study (12 modules of approximately 6 hours), divided between independent online learning, training webinars, one-to-one coaching, practical case sessions, review sessions, and an examination (duration 3 hours).


The details of the programme will be sent on request.


Contact: Kabir Rawat, Business Development, Private Wealth and Family Office Association - Swiss Certified, Phone. +41 22 347 2467, email[email protected]

The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 


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