A Career in Financial Services

By Ayoob Rawat


Financial Services is a huge industry with many career opportunities. It can be rewarding and lucrative but because of that, there is a lot of competition.


It does not matter what existing degree or qualification you have, as long as you are numerate and passionate about financial independence, you can progress if you are well prepared.  


After this series that has been broken down into 5 parts, you will be able to better plot your path to an exciting future in the Financial Services sector.  


 We will investigate:

 1) What are the careers choices open to you in the Financial Services Industry?


2) Where to go to improve your chance of landing that dream job


3) Remove the myth that you need to have MBAs and be a rocket scientist to succeed in the financial services industry.


4) Like for any career, what skills will you need to build on to shine?


5) For those interested to set up independently: what organisational structure will you need?  


So lookout for the first post “The career choices available in the Financial Services Industry?”




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