Financial services mini series: Part 2

Financial Services

By Ayoob Rawat


Financial Services is a huge industry with many career opportunities. It can be rewarding and lucrative but because of that, there is a lot of competition.


It does not matter what existing degree or qualification you have, as long as you are numerate and passionate about financial independence.  


After this series that has been broken down into 5 parts, you will be able to better plot your path to an exciting future in the Financial Services sector.  


In our first post we looked into :

1) Thee careers choices you have in the Financial Services Industry?


In this post we will look at:

2) Where to go to improve your chance of landing that dream job?


In the next 3 posts we will:

3) Remove the myth that you need to have MBAs and be a rocket scientist to succeed in the financial services industry.


4) Like for any career, what skills will you need to build on to shine?


5) For those interested to set up independently: what organisational structure will you need?  




Where is your dream job?



So where do you go to improve your chance of landing the dream job? As a famous British Minister of Employment is quoted as having said "onyerbike" - indicating that you have to go for jobs as they will not come to you.


Employers think global; so should you.



➡️ Before you embark on your career choice in Financial Services, you should create your career roadmap. You can access our Professional Career Roadmap for free at


Our team will assess the questionnaire to provide you with advice specifically suited for you for free.


Or if you wish to really immerse yourself and prepare a ready to go career map then go for our Mapping your Career in Wealth Services and the Family Office Sector online training course.  Or email us with any queries at [email protected]. 📨




The world of financial services will take you on a journey in a world that is detached from what most people live in. It is in a cocoon and once you enter it, it takes you on a roller coaster ride and may make you lose sight of reality. Having your road map will return you to reality and YOUR values, not those dictated to you by the system.


From your analysis, you will be able to consider the practical aspects of your aspirations. Are you a front, middle or back-office person? Do you need to move to a "fit for that discipline" centre? For example, for Investment Banking you may want to go to London 🇬🇧 or New York 🗽. For Private Banking and Family Office Services, you may want a job in Switzerland 🇨🇭. For Funds - Luxembourg 🇱🇺 is the place.  


But most banks now have branches all over the world and it may be that by joining a local branch you can progress to a regional office, country office and then to the World Head office which as I wrote maybe in London, New York, Geneva or Luxembourg.  


Balancing the glamour that is projected by the popular press and the reality of a cut-throat environment should not be underestimated and has broken the dreams of many.

Yes, the world can be yours! But decide first whether that is what you want!"

The next post will break the myth of qualifications required to succeed in financial services.


If you would like to further explore the blue ocean that is Private Wealth and Family Office Services, have a look at our training course: Mapping your Career in Wealth Services and the Family Office sector.





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