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How to start a Private Wealth and Family Office Practice
JUNE 2021 

How to start a Private Wealth and Family Office Practice

By Ayoob Rawat & Kabir Rawat

Setting up a private wealth and/or family office practice can be challenging,


It requires a deep profound interest and dedication to ongoing learning in an increasingly complex (data) world and really putting the interests of your clients before anything else.

However, setting up a practice or indeed just working (in a job) in wealth service can also be incredibly rewarding and satisfying.


Having practiced in the field of private banking, financial, wealth management and accounting for over 30 years, we set up our firm in 2001.


Initially, it was a standard accounting practice providing consulting and data management solutions to private banks, trusts, funds, and others.

After a few months, we acquired our first major private client! who was an ultra-high net worth owner of a private bank who wanted us to set up a control-driven (not investment) single-family office?


Afterwards, we grew and understood what the family office world was all about and how the wealth management and private banking sectors impacted the economy and families around the world.

This article will disclose the 9 steps (or decisions) that we took to create a fiduciary multi-family office safeguarding assets of over $20 billion.  

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Steve Jobs’s 10 Principles to Success

Though Steve Jobs has passed away, his legacy will be with us forever. Steve was undoubtedly a very successful entrepreneur.


Here are ten life lessons about success that we can learn from him:

1. Learn how to anticipate the future

2. Focus on the positive

3. Fail forward

4. Travel the world

5. Find the right partner


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The Wealth Game - (Mapping) Your Journey to Financial Security - Free Net Worth Calculator


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