5 secrets on how to break out of the middle management plateau!!


For each Finance & Accounting Professional who succeeds in becoming a “C”, millions end up stuck in middle management.

Middle Managers experience anxiety or depression twice as much as other workers. They feel their careers have reached a plateau that they feel is nearly impossible to overcome.

Here are some tips of what I did to break into the C-Suite. 🔜

Find out who is the real power that decides on your future – is it the CEO, CFO, a Director? Then give them what they need! 💰

Research your sector: where is it going and can you predict its future? Share it with your boss first.

Try to build partnerships with other Middle Managers: For example, when I was the Chief Accountant of the Bank Branch, I reasoned that the only way to grow was by learning IT and Operations. So I offered the Head of Operations to take over my Accounting Department. He did and left a year later. Guess what happened!

Do not apply “I do not criticise you” and “you do not criticise me” practised in mediocre businesses. Call out inefficiencies even to the risk of being disliked by many. I was! I always walked around with my back to the wall!!

Promote a good assistant who wants your job and encourage him to go for it.

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