My first 'quit'

My first “quit” was in 1987. But I was unprepared and went back to a pay check after just 3 years.  I had previously joined the "system" working for others as soon I had qualified, after articleship.
My second quit from a CFO position of a Geneva based Bank, happened in 2000. Still, I was not fully prepared but I did stick it out this time. After 20 years my biggest regret was not quitting earlier. During those past 2 decades I faced many challenges but these were MY challenges.
No regrets as I I have had the best 20 years of a rollercoaster life. Having made sacrifices for the success of others, I was now able to live a life with my needs and that of my family as priority one.

As regards the great resignation  (the big quit), of course employers will now have to navigate the ripple effects of the pandemic and re-evaluate how to retain talent. But they can take care of themselves and they will. The fittest and the most agile will survive and grow.
In fact the big quit may not last and many may decide to return to full time jobs, preferring the comfort of regular pay checks, instead of creating their financial security differently from employment. As I did myself after my first quit.

My attention is focused on those quitting and also those who are reluctant to take on employment preferring to stay independent. They are to be supported and encouraged so they can succeed. When they succeed they will grow the economy by becoming the entrepreneurs and business men and women the world needs.
They are better prepared and have a great chance to succeed, through this new digital economy, as access to network (linked-in is one) of support, infrastructure and capital are more readily available.

Anyway that is what I hope for.
To those quitting I say:
·       Bravo. Be prepared as the road will be “long and winding”.
·       Draw your road map and stick to it.
·       Realise it is not a sprint.
·       Switch off all social media pushed to you especially those that tell you how the elite live.
·       Know that you are unique.
·       Live the life you have chosen not what others choose for you.
Happy Healthy New Year to all readers.

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