Family Office: why should you run one!

Family Office: why you should run one!

Most UHNWI has a Family Office. Is it because they have wealth that they set a Family Office or did setting up a Family Office augment the wealth for them. What we are sure of is that more wealthy individuals are setting up family offices whether single or multi.

I am on a mission to get more private citizens and families to set up their family office. Forget what the system tells you that you need to have over a million to be able to afford one. No, it is not only for the wealthy, because “Family Office” is a state of mind.

The core purpose of a family office is to develop an integrated wealth strategy.
Why should you and your family not have an integrated wealth strategy? Is it because it threatens the hegemony of the system?

Is it to keep you and your children from becoming financially astute more than you can ever get from the school and education systems in place.

Without the knowledge that your family office will give you and your children, the concept of being an entrepreneurial investor will never become part of your DNA. The system wants you as employees, they need you to do the work and only invest in the mighty financial titans that they own.

They want to control the wealth of the world so you are dependent upon a job and the government for financial support.

Over the years they have controlled the message going out there through the big marketing machines, the big organizations so they have you believe what they tell you: you can become wealthy when you give them your wealth to look after!!
This is why you should invest in yourself and set up your Family Office.

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