10 Emerging Careers That Will Dominate the Future of Work

The modern world has transformed many of the jobs that we used to know have perished and have transformed others to make way for the new needs demanded by the labour market. Given this, emerging professions have emerged thanks to the new demands that companies need.

According to LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum studies, they have sought to know the most relevant jobs to determine the direction of the labour market and companies. For this reason, Universidad Tecmilenio listed the 10 best-paid emerging professions in the last five years.

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The hiring of artificial intelligence positions has grown 74% in the last four years and covers different specializations within the industry such as artificial intelligence engineering and machine learning.

2. Robotics engineering

Robotics is a growing industry, therefore the demand for careers in robotics engineering and jobs in virtual and physical bots will be on the rise over the next few years.

3. Data scientist

Data science has topped the list of emerging jobs for three years, and demand for this speciality will continue to grow across all industries for years to come.

4. Full-stack engineering

The pace of technology change has made professions such as programming engineering or full-stack a valuable job within companies. Since 2015, hiring for this position has increased 35% per year.

5. Site Reliability Engineer

This profession is responsible for the operational and application development processes to function properly. So the demand for this work will continue to increase as we use technology in our day.

6. Customer Success Specialist

Given the growth of technology services, customer success or customer success specialists have grown 34% since 2018. Most of these professionals work in the software and information technology industry since they are responsible for understanding technology and managing the relationship with the customer.

7. Sales development representative

This profession has been on the list of emerging jobs more than once, and its importance lies in the continuous growth of the technology services of sales specialists to find new clients.

8. Data engineering

Today, data is a valuable resource within all types of organizations and they need professionals who can build infrastructures to keep it organized. Therefore, the hiring rate of these specialists has increased 35% since 2015.

9. Behavioral health technician

This profession specializes in providing care for mental health, substance abuse, autism, and behavioural disorders. His field of work is varied so it does not require a specific degree, providing the opportunity for professionals from different areas to join this emerging career.

10. Cybersecurity specialist

Cybersecurity is a priority for different sectors and companies in the face of the theft of confidential data. Vacancies for IT security specialists have increased more than 50% compared to years past.


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