Lesson of the day! How to secure your future for years to come


How to secure your future for years to come.

Step 1: The mind trick! You have to make a firm decision. Perform the mind trick on yourself!! Say: “I am going to be an Investor with the objective of becoming a Net Asset generating Net Positive Cash Flow for life!” Then float your hand over your face!

Step 2: Acting on what you learn and are taught! Step 1 was "talking". Nothing will happen if you do not act with enthusiasm and optimism to make your first investment: Education! There is a whole industry made up of courses, books, blogs, videos, coaches and more out there to educate you in becoming an Investor. You can do it yourself if you are very disciplined or go to Step 3 which is as good an option, if not better.

Step 3: The catalyst to success: Learning from "Experience". To write a book, a course based on theories telling you what you should is quite common but will not bring you success. Instead find yourself a coach, a teacher, an author who can demonstrate that his/her ideas will work because he/she personally did them. By being taught by someone with experience accelerate your time to market by telling you first-hand what works.

Now the journey starts!

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