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Be innovative and future-oriented: become an expert in Wealth Services & Family Office. By training and joining the PWFO ecosystem, you will open up the door to an incredible market made of billions of USD and affecting the lives of billions of humans.

Step out of the conservative and static “established” environment and give yourself the opportunity to generate relevant incomes and change lives.

By taking one of our programmes, you will be joining a complete ecosystem and, develop better knowledge to succeed in your life.


To make it available to more we have made the programs accessible piecemeal and priced by the individual chapters with discount available as and when your take more chapters:

Out of the Box Solutions

These Solutions are stand-alone programs giving you better knowledge to succeed in your life. Besides getting better decent jobs or starting your business, there is also a guide on how to buy a course that really fit the needs of your business, you can become a trainer/coach and importantly, not only learn how to create your wealth but to protect, grow and pass on that created wealth.

In 1969 when I was 18 years old, our family business failed. As the secondary school was paying then, I left with 7 O–Levels to reduce my father’s financial burden. From that moment I decided that I would become financially secure.

After a few years, I became financially literate and since then I have never faced a financial problem I could not resolve. I did it by working to achieve success at each level of my varied career. I studied and kept learning all the time, life/working became my passion.

You will gain all this knowledge when you enter one of my programmes. You will be accessing the knowledge and experience of somebody who reached the top even when competing against much bigger players.

I became the Advisor to Billionaires Bankers, UHNWI, and successful entrepreneurs. You will be taught how to become financially secure. With a team of partners-in-learning, we coach professionals and aspiring professionals to become wealth service practitioners as a career or a business.

The programme you take will help you succeed but first, you must take action and start.

I look forward to welcoming you soon

Ayoob Rawat


I absolutely enjoyed taking the PWFO course! Mr. Ayoob Rawat was engaging and did an incredible job explaining the course material, providing additional reading material, and included real-life examples and scenarios to further my knowledge throughout the course. I would definitely recommend it to any persons interested in venturing into or advancing in the Family Office business.


I would like to thank Mr. Rawat and his team for the delivery of a well-structured course program on Private Wealth And Family Office. The course has allowed me to enrich my knowledge and to establish myself as a professional in the wealth management field. Given that I work in the offshore sector, the wealth of knowledge gathered would surely help me to manage my portfolios more effectively and promote better understanding of clients. I would greatly recommend the course to anyone who is willing pursue a career in the wealth management sector. Wishing you all the best and good continuation.


I found the course very interesting, an eye-opening experience for sure. The material covered was useful and inspiring as a niche area for future development. Timely for someone at a turning point in their career and life choices. Relevant as a new sector for diversification in the services industry of Mauritius, good potential for growth. And of course it was delivered by a great and friendly team.


Make more people Financially Secure for life!

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Swiss certified Experienced Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Angel Investors now focused exclusively on Training and Coaching!

Located in Geneva Switzerland and associate offices in key locations.

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We are dedicated to creating jobs and self-employment for as many through hand-on training, coaching, and continuous support.

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We provide human support even after training.



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When you take our program, you get a partner for life whether you are careering or running a business.

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You can access our training courses any time anywhere and there is always a trainer available. (There will be a reservation to make).

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We want to make more people financially secure for life.

Out Of the Box Solutions

The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 


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