The Wealth Game - (Mapping) Your Journey to Financial Security

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Wealth - why does it seem to pile up for some people and steer entirely clear of others?


It shouldn’t surprise you that accumulating wealth can be looked at as a game and if you want to play, you must understand and follow the rules.


The catch is... there is only one player... YOU


Wealth is not how much money one has; in fact, one person’s definition of being rich may be another's poverty.


Simply put, you are wealthy when you have more than you need!


So how do you reach this level of personal financial freedom?


Using the simple concepts used by professional money managers and advisers, this training programme has been developed to assist you to navigate the many obstacles found in The Wealth Game.


Whether you’re a school or college student just starting out,  a career professional struggling with debt or an entrepreneur making things happen, this guide makes financial success accessible so you can turn your attention to what matters most - living your life.

About The Wealth Game

'The Wealth Game - an Ordinary Person's companion' was written and created by Peter Alcaraz and first published in 2016 by Hutchinson Reed.


'The Wealth Game - (Mapping) Your Journey to Financial Security' is a training programme developed by the Private Wealth & Family Office Association based on the concepts discussed and developed in the book by Peter Alcaraz.

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