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A "Private Wealth & Family Office" (PWFO) is an individual or firm which provides independent, financial & non-financial services to (typically High & Ultra High Net Worth) individuals, families and organisations.

The core objective of a PWFO is to support the provisions of a holistic independent accounting service that supports clients’ wealth related decisions in:

  • Creation
  • Safe-guarding
  • Risk-return Performance
  • Succession Planning

This is done in a systematic and organised manner by the PWFO documenting, noting and accounting for each decision.

They never provide advice on investments selection, instead the role of a PWFO is to oversee their clients' personal wealth management.

A PWFO Swiss Certified is appointed by the client to be responsible for financial strategic planning. A PWFO selects, validates and monitors banks, asset managers, and other service providers to ensure that the they are meeting the client’s objectives investments objectives.
By using the services of a PWFO, the clients gain control back over their assets, have a better visibility of the charges being incurred and of risk-return performances.

Here is an example of some typical PWFO services that have added 60% to the fee charged to an existing HNWI client.

  • Review all of their mandates and contracts with their service providers, banks, notaries, lawyers and others
  • Manage and archive all of their management mandates, contracts, statements, returns, etc.
  • Monitor accounts to ensure compliance with client strategy.
  • Full professional due diligence on all new investments, contractors, advice and business plans.
  • Verifications and negotiations of fees & expenses with providers and custodians.
  • Consolidation of accounts and different positions to give the client an overview of their financial position.

Through negotiations of fees, charges and the implementation of an on-going monitoring system, risk-return peformance of  portfolio improves.

Private Wealth & Family Office Association – Swiss Certified

Address: 37-39 Avenue Duma, Champel, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 22 347 2467 ; Email: [email protected] ;

The Swiss Association for Financial Services, Finance and Accounting Professionals providing Family Office services.



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