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What is stopping you from expanding your business as a financial, finance and/or accounting professional? Could it be any of the following reasons...

  • Lack of capital for expansion and advertising.
  • No access to a stable and lucrative market.
  • Stifling competition in your current market.
  • Not enough expertise to expand.
  • Lack of adequate tools to match the globalisation of Fintech.


If you face any of the challenges above, then you're in luck because we have a way out!

Take your career to the next level by becoming a member of the Private Wealth & Family Office (PWFO) Association, an elite community of global Family Office and Private Wealth management providers.

We equip financial professionals with a wide range of training, tools and support to enable them to provide quality Private Wealth & Family Office services to clients all over the world.

We are a Swiss organisation, hence, we come from a country renowned for being the mother of Private Wealth and Family Office Services.

Why Become PWFO - Swiss Certified

When you join our hand-picked community of professionals,  you get to enjoy the following benefits and more: 

  • Ease into the market that grew by $5.9 trillion in 2019
  • Get the support you need to set up your single or multi-Family Office
  • Become the financial protector of High Net Worth Private Clients and Families
  • Learn how to provide these wealthy clients with topnotch services
  • Expand your reach to new and rapidly-growing markets outside your current location
  • Associate yourself with a Swiss-constituted entity with a proven history of neutrality and renowned discretion
  • Learn from the best financial professionals in the industry
  • Rise above the competition by differentiating yourself from other financial professionals
  • Opportunity to provide Swiss standard Financial Education to your clients and beyond.
  • Provide real-time professional consultancy to regulatory bodies, trusts and non-governmental organisations.
  • Advertise your profile and offers to private clients and families in dire need to your services

Our Obligation to You

When you become a part of the PWFO family we will provide you with these prestigious packages:

  • Personalised Sales Campaign

Professional marketing for your products, services, offer or profile via an online page that we will produce and send to 3 of our handpicked contacts.

  • Career Roadmap

Expert career advice tailored to your lifestyle and personality.

  • Access to Our Social Media Pages 

Connect with our ever-expanding community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

  • Free Weekly Webinar

Attend a one-hour live weekly session where we take questions and reveal PWFO secrets to our members.

  • Discounts and Priority Invitations

Access to our networking events and discounts on PWFO products and services.

  • Access to Exclusive Content and Tools

Unrestricted access to the PWFO suite of tools, videos, audios, forms, templates, software solutions and reviews.


"World class training from a very professional Swiss organisation, assisted me to develop the tools and know-how to deal with and provide added value services to my existing clients. It also enhanced my skills, experience & confidence to attract and acquire new clients that I did not have access to previously."

Riana Marianne

"Training more professionals to support families and private clients will benefit offices like ours. The initiative to share the knowledge and experience on a broader scale can only help in wealth creation and protection and we wish them all the best in this project."

Private Banker

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PWFO Associate Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

A "Private Wealth & Family Office" (PWFO) is an individual or firm which provides independent, financial & non-financial services to (typically High & Ultra High Net Worth) individuals, families and organisations.

The core objective of a PWFO is to support the provisions of a holistic independent accounting service that supports clients’ wealth related decisions in:

  • Creation
  • Safe-guarding
  • Risk-return Performance
  • Succession Planning
  • They never provide Financial Advice on investments, instead the role of a PWFO is to oversee their clients' personal wealth management.

This may involve working with investment advisers, custodians, and lawyers to ensure that the client has the most suitable products and services for their lifetime objectives

Here is an example of some typical PWFO services that have added 60% to the fee charged to an existing HNWI client.

  • Review all of their mandates and contracts with their service providers, banks, notaries, lawyers and others
  • Manage and archive all of their management mandates, contracts, statements, returns, etc.
  • Monitor accounts to ensure compliance with client strategy.
  • Full professional due diligence on all new investments, contractors, advice and business plans.
  • Verifications and negotiations of fees & expenses with providers and custodians.
  • Consolidation of accounts and different positions to give the client an overview of their financial position.

Private Wealth & Family Office Association – Swiss Certified

Address: 37-39 Avenue Duma, Champel, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland

Telephone: +41 22 347 2467 ; Email: [email protected] ;

The Swiss Association for Financial Services, Finance and Accounting Professionals providing Family Office services.


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