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Our Vision

Facilitate getting a job or starting a business in Finance and Financial Services with or without a degree!
We encourage getting a degree though!

Our Mission

Enhance the marketability of career seekers and entrepreneurs in Finance and Financial Services by the support given to them by our partners in learning with knowledge, advice, mentoring and empower them with the skills required to succeed; by working on PWFO projects or on their own projects.

Become a go to source for PMEs seeking quality employees and Angel Investors looking for entrepreneurs.

Who will benefit

Students at Universities, colleges, professionals unable to reach C‐Suite, entrepreneur minded students:

(i) wanting to start their businesses;

(ii) who want to further their career in Finance and Financial Services.

They will be supported by PWFO sharing with them knowledge, advice, mentoring and empowering them with the skills required to succeed. When the subject matter is proposed by PWFO, the program is called the Apprenticeship Program. However when the objective is defined by the Student the program is the Entrepreneurship Program.

PWFO apprenticeship program is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to finance and financial services areas of study or career interest or business interest.

PWFO gives the student the opportunity for:

• career exploration and development,
• learning new skills,
• develop and achieve learning goals.

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Assist and support the intern in his line of activity with:
• Management training,
• Advisory services,
• Show how  to source funds,
• Assistance with core business operations (accounting, market research, marketing, legal compliance),
• Access to office space and other operating resources (necessary software, hardware, etc.),
• Business Canvas.

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The Reason

What PWFO is constructing is innovative for the new generation as the world and the job market, specially in Financial Services, change at such a fast pace. It is not intended to replace Universities or discourage students from getting a degree.

We are complementing the traditional internship route by giving similar real-world experience that will enable the participant to put what he/she has learned into practice. Our program allows the student to work in a non-competitive environment without the pressure to have to deliver and be measured. The PWFO Thought Leaders support both the Apprenticeship and the Entrepreneurship program. Students will be trained and guided in the area they want to focus on they will be guided on how to make contacts within the industry and future employers.

We want to give the student a self-pace nomad way of gaining a relevant real situation experience. The program uses an a up-to-date E-Learning system without making technology dictate to the students or enslaving them to its agenda.
Together we want to support the student to use technology as a tool and not the other way round.

The objective is for the young person and maybe not so young as well to gain practical knowledge, understand personal resilience, emotional intelligence and other soft skills. We are not experts in soft skills nor do we have knowledge of all sub‐sectors of financial services.. That is why we are bring Thought Leaders with practical experience with the same passion we have to share knowledge with the students.

PWFO will be developing, enhancing and nurturing talent for greater heights of success and productivity.



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